EGYPT traditions and customs

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Egypt traditions and customs

Egyptians living in the world’s first community would accept that they are themselves. Psammetikos the kings of Egypt how to prove it has decided to implement an experiment in thought and said. A new-born child took the child next to a barn and put everyone to go under certain circumstances. This is where the growth of the baby itself only gradually, a shepherd to his side, and no food to give orders that the child would not talk. One day at a time when the shepherd boy’s mouth again, the child’s meal “Bekos” he hears a word and you immediately go and inform the king. The King immediately ordered to investigate what that means, as a result of research and learned that the word means bread in the Phrygian revealing how the following meaning here. Ago the Egyptians came to the world’s first community recognize that the Phrygians

Egypt in general the patriarchal customs of a people that they see a life-long. Egyptian customs and traditions of the period pieces that Herodotus sees other sightseeing places that refers to the customs are different, even completely opposite poles. The reason for this show as a climate change. In fact, this is justified in part by Herodotus to the determination of the customs of a number of issues görsekte that just because I believe the climate is not right to connect. Herodotus gave a special place that it becomes clear that the long trip to Egypt. As his trip to visit the land of Egypt, Herodotus told it works but it sees these sightseeing places not share the information it receives interviewed knowledgeable monks traveled to other places that provide information about the author’s clearly very interesting to say here is going to restrict. Why such a restriction or a set of facts learned anlatmayacağını interesting to say. In fact, its implementation is a skeptical writer investigating the reality of an Egyptian cleric, but many of the information, in part, without the need to examine their knowledge that he himself satisfied that the explanation of civilization that remain astonished by the result of a very advanced civilization in the face to see a level of inquiry decided that does not need. In fact, I sensed something like this article we will not disclose it to anyone Herodotus provision for some of the facts as he has written a number of data transferred! Of course this adds to the mystery of a mystery than the fact that corn is not possible to think. Continuing with customs of the Egyptians:

Men and women are doing rather than learn from the exchange of maize. Women go shopping bazaar, the money men at home dokurlardı cloth. I laughed when I first read it, but then I think the reason it is a patriarchal society, which he interpreted this reason, the region which have a warm climate, so he is very hot weather, hot weather men that women go out to shopping in self-attribution of women send themselves, their home made ​​cloth-weaving business. Herodotus continues to explain the continuation of traditions like other societies the reverse. While other tribes people weave cloth scarves backwards while the Egyptians used to throw it forward.

Men’s loads on their heads, women on the Standard of the shoulders.

Women’s standing, the men, they would pee squatting!

While meeting the needs of street food in the house and the places where people naturally explained it this way; embarrassing necessities out of sight while the others should be made publicly told.

Women could not serve any time in God.

Boys who do not want to look at the mother or father, this difficulty can not, even if you do not want girls had to do it.

In other societies, we see the clergy against the Egyptians, long hair and beards and hair and beard was excavated by the clergy.

Again, one of the other communities close relative had died in Egypt when the hair is cut all the hair and the beard is extended.

In many places, people living in different places where animals, people see that they share their homes with animals.

Your period is from the Egyptians, and circumcision is circumcision of the people here that they learn from other tribes, Herodotus is not the tradition of circumcision. It tells us the Egyptians, they received the circumcision customs of societies.

The Egyptians are extremely devout bronze after drinking liquor containers were washed according to cleaning all those pots. The Egyptians are always clean dress has attached great importance to cleanliness, cleanliness need to be circumcised, the other day all the monks would shave their bodies. The monks were wearing only linen clothes and sandals were of papyrus. In addition, the monks in cold water twice a day at night bathed twice a total of four times. Priests in religious ceremonies, other people welcome their needs they would completely gratuitous. Food is prepared with wine and meat and goose meat of animals slaughtered would be generated. Definitely do not eat fish. Priesthood passed from father to son.

The Egyptians certainly do not eat beans and bread. Because it did not see food as a clean food.

Ox Egyptians, given a different importance to his victim. Is very important to be cut is to select a victim and a priest was assigned to this business. Pre-examination would necessarily be sacrificed oxen, this priest. If you are a single black hair on the animal if it is not the victim. After examining the animal resting on its side stand and pulled out of the language is checked whether a queue is checked out properly, as well as no fault of feathers or horns of animals may be sealed so that the victim would be approved. The danger of the death of any unauthorized disposal of an animal to sacrifice meant.

As other communities such as Greeks, Egyptians, for example, sex in the temple. The Greeks were unwelcome behavior that is the case why do not say that with animals. The Egyptians did not accept it in the temple leave out dirty sex he do not enter the temple even after washing. (This is the other civilizations of the menstrual cycle passes through the Egyptians, Herodotus tells us!)

The Egyptian people to stay healthy, cleans the bottom and top them up a month for 3 consecutive days and received a remover medications.

Feasts and banquets are rich in their homes after the meal into the hands of one of the coffins, where the inhabitants took a sculpture showing the dead body, circulating it among all the guests’ You will die one day like this one is so thoroughly inside and eat.

Islamic religion is of great importance in the Ottoman period. We see a very advanced level of the Ottoman calligraphy. But reading the work of the Holy Qur’an in these words that we know the Egyptians. In fact the words of the Quran in Mecca, landed in Istanbul, wrote these words in corn receipts from the past that we can say is aligned with an expression of Herodotus. Maneras Egyptian folk song called the song is actually sung in this network, and a touching air of Cyprus and the Phoenician, who affirms us, but more was said elsewhere in Egypt could not be read as we learn here, told a very different air.

Young people show respect for elders. When faced with his hands on his knees in front of them until they gave way on the road in front of them took the bend. If you place them indoors if they would all get up at that time.

According to the Signs to comment and provide information about the future job is first seen as the Egyptians, Herodotus tells us.

Egyptians, was at a very advanced medicine. Branching out even so sophisticated that it is a medical specialty society, we see what we call. Doctors do not understand the disease, each doctor had a different area of ​​expertise. Each physician looked at only one disease. For this reason there were so many doctors, eye, head, teeth, stomach pain, internal medicine …

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